On a cloudless day in March we finally made it to Margate! Meandering along the back roads from Iffin Lane past Howletts Wild Animal Park, Wingham Wildlife Park and nostaligiacally the site of the Richborough Cooling Towers, which had been demolished in 21 seconds a few days previous (see demolition) we arrived at the Turner Contemporary and the exhibition Turner and the Elements. Without any doubt the architectural style of the building is very contemporary and evokes a mixture of emotions against the backdrop of victorian Margate and its harbour and Turner’s sea scape.

On entering the spacious foyer was Rodin’s sculpture The Kiss, on loan from the Tate, which apparently has only been out of London on 3 ocassions.

On the first floor was the main, and first major exhibition devoted to the art of JMW Turner , exploring the role that the four Classical elements of air, earth, fire and water played in his art as well as his fasciation for depicting the elemnts in fusion. The exhibition also inclues several pianting s of the Margate coastline, offering a unique opportunity to experience the stunning works in the very lcoation that origianlly inspired Turner to create them.

Well worth 40 minute trip from Canterbury. Great Cafe and very wheelchair friendly.