Valentines Meals

So its that time of year again… and for many of us a great excuse to get away and celebrate with the ones we truely value most!

But why do we celebrate St Valentine, and who was he?

St Valentine was a priest back in the 2nd century (although not much is known about him and the actual year of his death is widely disputed) who rufesused to dennounce his faith after being caught marrying christian couples and converting people to Christianity. It is thought that at his trial he healed the judges daughter of her blindness and was let off. He was let free but after refusing to stop preaching he was then later beaten and beheaded on the 14th February for his crimes.  We celebrate this saint for his bravery and his belief in the Chrisitan Love between men and women.

So to help you along with your celebrations we are serving an extra special menu for this extra special occassion.

Vegetable lasagne with roasted vegetables, green salad and garlic bread.

Fillet steak with button mushrooms, red onion, vine ripened tomatoes and peas.

salmon steaks with mildly spicy salsa, samphire, baby new potatoes and veg.

With a selection of desserts, inclduing indulgent chocolate brownies- because we all know what chocolates good  for 😉