Time teams archaeologists, geophysicists, hirtorians, graphics experts and digges made a visit to Canterbury in August 2000 and made some amazing discoveries…..

They looked at the Greyfriars which was the very first franciscan friary in Britain, founded in 1224 and rebuilt in a new location in the 1260’s. The orgiginal structure at the time was not known but after three days the Time Team found one of the most important monastic archaeological sites in Europe.

They also carried out a  dig on Tyler Hill- about a mile outside of Canterbury’s city centre, which was thought to be one of medievil England’s busiest tile factories. A large Kiln was found at the site which was though to have made house bricks- which many town houses today will still have within their walls. The Time Team also built their own kiln, designed decorated and fired their own tiles lay a section of flooring to match that of the Corona Chapel of Canterbury Cathedral.

The biggest dig of all- known as ‘the big dig’ was the digging up of Canterbury’s Whitefriars- which revealed 2000 years of the city’s history. They found numerous artefacts to support their theories dating from roman times right through to medievil times. To read more visit the Canterbury Archaelogical site. http://www.whitefriars-canterbury.co.uk/about-whitefriars/?PageID=11